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     Jeffry Ricker, Ph.D. is a highly experienced science communicator. He has devoted his professional life to communicating science to his peers, students, and the general public.

     His research and academic interests include:
• population , quantitative, and molecular genetics
• evolutionary biology and evolutionary psychology
• cognitive neuroscience and neurology
• clinical psychology and psychiatry
• comparative psychology and ethology
• social psychology and cross-cultural psychology
• critical thinking about the biological, psychological, and medical sciences
• creating accessible environments for those with disabilities
• human sexuality and gender differences
• the misuse of science by those promoting prejudice and discrimination against marginalized groups

      This website provides detailed information about Dr. Ricker’s background, examples of his work, contact information, links to social media, and information of how to subscribe to his newsletter and blog.  


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Dr. Jeff Ricker, Ph.D


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Science advances through curiosity, skepticism, and strong ethics. Science communication requires the same.

Disclaimer: Dr. Ricker is not a licensed medical professional. None of the information on this website should substitute for the advice, diagnosis, or treatments given by your physician or other health professionals.

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